Google, Mountain View

Software Engineer

2019 - Present

Facebook, New York

Software Engineering Intern


Developed unified routing system for all recruiting tools at Facebook, enabling over 50 separate applications to function seamlessly as a single-page app. Became a React & ReactRouter expert and coordinated with multiple teams across different offices to make this happen.

Facebook, Seattle

Software Engineering Intern


Developed C++ client for optimized reading of the internal-to-Facebook fork of the Apache Hadoop ORC file format. Benchmarks showed as much as 50% improvement in CPU time on local file reading speed against existing Java implementation.


Princeton University

B.S.E., Computer Science

2015 - 2019

Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude.


Collideoscope: A Kaleidoscopic Infinite Runner


May 2019

Potentially addictive physics-y infinite runner inspired by the idea of endlessly running down the length of a kaleidoscope. Implemented with <a href="https://threejs.org/">ThreeJS</a>.

Auction Theory: Selling to No-Regret Buyers


Feb 2018 — Jun 2019

Worked with Princeton professor Matt Weinberg to prove a theorem showing how an auctioneer running a repeated auction (e.g. a Google ad auction) can exploit bidders running common no-regret learning algorithms to extract full utility from them.

Resent(i)ment Analysis

Developer (ML and Backend)

Sep 2017 — Oct 2017

HackMIT winner (Baidu's $10,000 prize for Best Deep Learning Hack). Developed a model for identifying social media comments as containing personal attacks using Baidu's Paddle Deep Learning framework to call attention to online harassment and its biases.


I'm currently actively working with...

Haskell Java TypeScript

Also have some fluency in...

Python OCaml Go